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HP Kopp Consulting

Edible Oils & Fats
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Welcome to HP Kopp Consulting


Edible Oils & Fats

Technology - Processing

Due to our experience as well as successful consulting work we are particularly specialised in the investigation of new processes or the improvement of existing. This also includes finding the right equipment.


Our advices are based on excellent know-how and practical experience in:


  •  Investment consultation for key components of process chain:
       from seed to refined product
  • Optimising refinery plants
    • Plant audits
    • Consulation in factory reconstruction and modernisation
    • Removing bottlenecks and improving throughput
    • Cost reduction through optimized use of auxiliary products
    • Process and Quality assurance
  • Refinery processes
    • Degumming - Neutralisation - Bleaching - Winterising - Deodorising
    • Specialised in physical refining of vegetable oils
    • Chemical refining of animal and vegetable oils

New processes or the improvement of existing. Taylor-made refining routes: new or more economical processing of all refining steps and introduction to the refineries.

  • Fat Modification
    • Hydrogenation of oils and fats
    • Interesterification of oils and fats to products with minimized saturated and trans fats
    • Fractionation
    • Production of state-of-the -art products

Manufacturing by the best proven practise aiming at cost reduction and quality improvement.

We discuss with you very concrete and on a personal, individual and confidential basis your actual and upcoming challenges and problems and help you determine proceedings to overcome these.

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